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  1. Katie Gregory says:

    Just got home from work to a beautiful surprise. Thank you do much for our postcard Lacey its amazing. Love you so much and we cant wait to see you tomorrow xx


  2. Nicky Ramsden says:

    What a lovely surprise today coming home to my postcard 🙂 Very cute Billy Poskitt Love you loads and miss you a little bit see you tomorrow Safe trip guys xxxx


  3. stacey newman says:

    Thank you for our postcard Rhys. It was a lovely surprise. Glad your having a nice time and the weather’s is being kind. We are all missing you alot. Hope you enjoy the castle tomorrow. Love you lots and lots Mum, Dad and Maddison Xx


  4. Thank you for the lovely postcard Bjorn. Millstone is fine ha ha. We all love you lots and so glad you are having an amazing time. Some really lovely photos on here. Thanks to Mrs Tunk for sharing the moments with us and to Mrs Greenwood for uploading them on to to the blog. See you tomorrow Bjorn xxxxxx
    Enjoy your last day. Love u from us all xxxx


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